Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Theres always a first time. That car and bike blogs post porn among the cars is nothing new. But the site I got these from, posts gay porn. So beware

It's quite common that the Tumblr sites I find good bike and car photos on have naked women, but this is the first with naked men that I've come across.

I've got no issue with that, but wanted you to be warned because it's more than nude male models, it's guys having sex with guys as well. Some people find that really too much.

it's full of VW and Citroens primarily, with a smattering of race cars, muscle cars, and here is a sample of some of the cool cars on

Just about everything looks better in the Gulf racing colors
Can't figure out why the car was rusted, and fitted with custom opening doors

I'm surprised to see this Porsche in such bad condition, they were always in high demand

Above is the "Mercedes Bent" that i've photogrphed and posted a couple of times already
This is one a a handful of Bugatti Royale Napolean, they are enormous and it's too bad nothing is next to it to show the perspective

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