Saturday, June 4, 2011

Take My Mother-In-Law

The airwaves these days are so packed with reality TV shows that almost everybody knows somebody whose been on one. It’s the little people who get featured, normal everyday families tantalized by the thought of just a little glamor and fame.

Unfortunately, everyday normal families don’t film well and reality show producers are specially trained to bring out the worst in people.
Two individuals featured on British Reality Show “Take My Mother-In-Law” now claim that being on the show ruined their family. Signing up for what they thought was a show about mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws bonding and having fun, Claire Molyneux and Mother-in-Law Josephine watched in horror as their home was turned into a TV studio where show producers devised stunts to encourage fighting and drama between these once cordial family members.

The ploys worked and the two watched their relationship slide down the drain along with their privacy. The show ended and the 15 minutes of fame turned out to be more like 10. But the damage to the family and their reputations, reports Claire Molyneux, was a little harder to repair.

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