Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Selena Gomez 'It is a very wonderful summer for me'

Selena Gomez isn't letting the media focus on her relationship with beau Justin Bieber, or the threats from some Bieber fans, derail her in any way.

Selena, 18, who recently returned from a whirlwind tour with Justin - during which they first vacationed in Hawaii and then spent time with Selena's family in Texas and Justin's family in Toronto, Canada - spoke to ET's Samantha Harris on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

Selena said she is not perturbed with the paparazzi attention on her private life because in her business it "comes with the territory, unfortunately."

"I don't like it personally, but it comes with the job," she said.

Asked if she was overwhelmed by the responses from some of Bieber's ardent fans, some of who had threatened to kill her.

"I think right now it is a very wonderful summer for me so I am just trying to focus on my fans, and I am just focusing on my tour and things that are coming up for me. That's what keeps me in check," she said.

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