Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Electronic Monitoring Device Triggered

Lindsay Lohan Electronic

House arrest got very interesting for Lindsay Lohan on Monday. The scandal-prone starlet is just a little over a week into a 35 day home detention sentence for “allegedly” shoplifting a necklace from a Venice jewelry store back in January, but the cops came knocking after the house-arrest electronic anklet Lindsay was fitted with was triggered.

And no one is exactly sure why.

Steve Honic, a spokesman for the actress, tells The Los Angeles Times that “as part of standard procedure to make sure the monitoring equipment was working properly” law enforcement officials visited Lohan’s Venice townhouse, where they found her watching her 3D TV, reading scripts, and reading on her rooftop patio. Lohan attorney Shawn Holley says a representative from the monitoring company eventually replaced the “malfunctioning” bracelet with a new one.

“Lindsay’s electronic monitoring system went off on Monday. When a representative from the monitoring company went to her home, the representative found Lindsay there. The equipment was replaced the following day.”

Lohan’s turned her luxurious pad into a personal spa since her confinement. Loose-lipped squeals close to Linds report that the “Mean Girl” has hired Los Angeles-based yoga and wellness firm Kuladevi to educate her “on detoxification and nutrition, yoga and functional fitness training and re-connective healing in private sessions” during her month on house arrest.

“She plans on doing lots of painting, reading, and is enlisting the help of an in-house yoga service to help her relax spiritually and reflect on her future,” says a friend.

Meanwhile, Lindsay was reportedly taking preventative steps to protect herself should she have been sentenced to prison in her theft case.

“Lindsay is absolutely terrified she’d get punched in the face by crazy inmates if she ended up in jail,” tells a source. “She had her people take out a policy in case her nose got broken.”

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