Tuesday, June 7, 2011

'I don't believe it': Ryan Giggs's wife Stacey tells brother-in-law Rhodri his wife Natasha is a liar.... even as claims of a 'THIRD lover' emerge

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Standing by my man: Stacey Giggs is said to be sticking with Ryan despite the claims made by his brother's wife Natasha that she has been having an affair with the footballer since 2003. Giggs is said to have claimed the allegations were 'made up'

Ryan Giggs’s wife will stand by him despite the claims that he had an eight-year affair with his brother’s wife.

The footballer, 37, has denied that he has been having an affair with his brother’s wife and Stacey believes him.

Ryan is said to have told his brother Rhodri that Natasha ‘made up’ the allegations.

A source told The Sun: ‘Ryan tried to tell Rhodri that the whole thing was rubbish and not true. But Rhodri snapped back “I don’t believe a word of what you’re saying to me. You’re just a liar".'

And Rhodri is said to have continued: 'How can anyone believe what you say ever again after all this? Why would Natasha make any of this up?'

The source also said: 'Eventually Stacey grabbed the phone off Ryan and starting shouting: "Look Rhodri, if it's not true, it's just not true. We don't believe Natasha." She then hung up.'

Stacey, 32, is said to believe that Natasha, 28, has been besotted with the Manchester United footballer for many years.

A friend close to Stacey said: ‘Make no bones about it, Stacey believes that Natasha has been trying to steal her husband,’ according to the Daily Star.

Hat-trick? Ryan has denied an affair with Natasha Giggs, the wife of his brother Rhodri, but she claims a third woman called her to say she had also been sleeping with the Manchester United player. Natasha claimed she has been having an eight year affair with Ryan after allegations emerged that he had an affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas

‘She’s suspected it for a long time and these events prove it. But she (Natasha) has not succeeded.’

Meanwhile Natasha is said to have spoken to a third woman last week who claimed to have had an affair with Ryan.

Natasha is said to have told friends and Rhodri, 34, that a mystery woman called her and said: ‘You’re not the only one who’s been sleeping with Ryan.’

Giggs was recently named as the high-profile footballer with an injunction protecting his name over allegations that he had an affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

Giggs's identity was revealed when MP John Hemming named him in Parliament.

Shortly after his identity was revealed Natasha spoke out and claimed to have been involved with the footballer since 2003.

Leaving the marital home: Rhodri, who is said to have branded Ryan a 'liar', was seen leaving his mother's home with actor Will Mellor yesterday

The allegations have raised questions over the paternity of her son, born in August 2006 only two months before Ryan and Stacey's own son.

Stacey and Ryan have flown to Spain but instead of staying at the Marbella Club the couple cancelled their booking and are staying in a private villa.

Meanwhile Imogen has warned women against getting involved with a married man.

In an interview with Heat magazine this week the former Miss Wales pleaded: ‘Don’t get involved with a married man, really don’t.

‘It’s a car crash waiting to happen whether you’re in the public eye or not. You are always going to get hurt. You always are, and if you can control your feelings, get out of it as soon as you can.’

It has also been reported that Ryan is set to become the ‘new Tiger Woods’ as sponsors abandon him over his alleged philandering.

Marketing experts have predicted that the firms which have helped him amass a £34million fortune would react unfavourably to the destruction of his family-man image.

Giggs’s biggest deal, which has earned him £20million, is with the sportswear giant Reebok, but it declined to respond yesterday when asked by the Mail whether it would be standing by him.


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