Tuesday, June 7, 2011

‘60 Years Unimog’ concept

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has unveiled a unique concept to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first Unimog, which rolled off the production line in Gaggenau on 3rd June 1951.

Mercedes-Benz 60 Years Unimog Concept (2011) Front Side

Based on the current U 5000 model, the ‘60 Years Unimog’ has an open cab just like the original. The lurid green colour scheme is apparently inspired by the poison dart frog, while the Unimog’s trademark coil springs have been painted a contrasting shade of red. Aluminium trim on the exposed chassis and huge five-spoke ‘alu-rim’ wheels complete the visual effect.

Unfortunately the ‘60 Years Unimog’ isn’t a prototype for a production model, but Bertrand Janssen from Daimler’s commercial vehicle department stated: "On no account did we work in an atmosphere where our ideas were divorced from reality. Here we have a vehicle which is puristic, but still clearly true to concept - with the claim that some of its details will turn up in coming product ranges in future. We continued to take up the most important Unimog features which have characterised the vehicle for the last 60 years and which will also characterise it in future - features such as portal axles, coil springs or the frame concept."

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